Don’t Be Boring

Don’t Be Boring

Before you dive headfirst into marketing your business, make sure you know what makes you different. Or as we say it, Don’t Be Boring.

What is it about you that stands out? Do you offer a product or service unlike anyone else? Focus on and share it. Help potential customers find your best services to quickly grab their attention – it might end up being exactly what they want!

Stay consistent. This doesn’t sound exciting, but the opposite can prove to be dull. If your brand over-posts, followers may be overwhelmed and turn away. If you under-post, followers may forget about you and won’t engage with your brand as much. Consistency in your marketing (with some surprises) will help your brand be remembered.

It’s also vital to remain consistent across platforms – including your website and email marketing. When your brand is uniform, consumers know what to expect from you and are more likely to return. Define your brand and be the brand in all of your social media pages so that your audience knows who they’re interacting with.

While you want your marketing to be creative and eye-catching, the ultimate goal is to increase sales, right? So don’t overwhelm your website or advertisements with wild colors and too much text – unless that fits your brand. Instead, keep your content simple yet interesting enough to invite people in. The priority should be the user, so make it user-friendly rather than text-heavy. Consider telling your brand’s story with photo or video to grab their attention.

You know your business better than anyone else does. We can help it get noticed.