brand identity

Brand Audit & Research

Brand audit and research are paramount to understanding your current reality, perception from consumers, value, and market position. That is why Simple Media’s audit deep dives into brand tenets, principles, messaging, and audience specific content buckets.

our client overly construction, a 40+yr dallas based commercial construction company came to simple with a specific objective:

to modernize their brand and appeal to and younger demographic comprised of designers and architects.

primary audience type: 35-45 male


Brand Identity

Brand and messaging Strategy

we begin every engagement by helping our clients define and articulate their branding tenets and develop a message and content strategy that is consistent with their primary audience pool.

this is process is typically referred to as brand positioning.


Brand Architecture (or Brand Guidelines, or Brand Voice & Messaging)

Our Step-by-Step Brand Identity Process:

  • Brand exploration
  • brand articulation
  • copy development