Personalized content is key for standing out in 2020 and beyond.  Here's how to do it:

In a world where people do not often agree, there is one topic about which we can concur: there is a lot of content out there. Because of this sheer magnitude of content, brands are more strapped than ever to simultaneously tell their story, get audiences to pay attention to it, and get consumers to buy in. This leads to the golden question, the one that drives brands and marketers crazy on a daily basis: How do I cut through the noise? True to form, we have a simple solution: Make it personal.


According to research conducted by McKinsey, personalizing your content has the power to reduce acquisition costs by 50%, and increase marketing efficiency spends by 30% in the process. In simple terms: personalizing your content saves you money and makes you money.

Need more convincing? Consider the audience. No matter your industry, your consumers are humans, and recent studies have revealed that the human attention span is shorter than that of a fish. Specifically, the human attention span is no longer than 8 seconds. This means you must offer content that can engage people before they scroll on and move on.


It’s one thing to understand the importance of personalization, but quite another to do it well. Whether you’re a corporation known around the world, or a small company with strong local roots but no widespread recognition (yet), it’s possible to personalize your content and do it well.

Before you personalize something, you must understand the person. This means asking who your consumers are, and what they care about. If you’re KFC, you may want to tell the impressive story of your legacy while conveying how you have and always will be a family company. If you’re a furniture of wealth management company, you want to tell the story of how your company maximizes your people’s space and savings. When everything is personalized to the people paying attention, the people keep paying attention.

Once you understand your audience and what makes tick, it’s time to create content that is resonant and easy to understand. Sleek design is important, but if your audience is mostly on their phones, you have to make sure that design is as sleek on mobile as it is on the web. Your audience may love to read blogs, or they may live on Instagram. Wherever they live, you must live there, too, and make sure the content you publish speaks their language--and speaks it consistently.

All of this--understanding the nuances of your audience, personalizing the content, and keeping it consistent--can be a tall order. But with the right team, it doesn’t have to be rocket science. In fact, with the right team, it can be pretty simple.

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