about us

Simple solutions to complex problems. For over a decade, Simple Media has helped companies big and small meet their creative needs. From social campaigns to fully custom websites, we’ve figured out a simpler way of doing things. Click or tap on the pictures below.

Eric Orange
crafts images.


A self-proclaimed former high school journalism nerd, Eric still uses many of his skills from being the editor of his yearbook. From writing scripts to drawing storyboards, animating characters or directing video productions, Eric is involved in the creative process every step of the way.

Amy Bonanno
Builds Bridges.


A proud Aggie and Alpha Chi alumni, Amy began her career in marketing and sales. She has been able to use that skillset to help lead the charge for new business at Simple Media. Always looking to make a new connection, Amy can usually be found scrolling through LinkedIn.

Nick Bonanno
knows how the
pasta is made.

founder · CEO

Born in Milan, Nick always dreamed of owning his own ad agency. He founded Simple Media in 2007 with his wife Amy and has been living the dream ever since. Whether he is waste deep in HTML code or interviewing new employees, Nick is right where he wants to be.

Erick Sigmond
will clean
your act up.


Even with his ever-growing collection of tattoos, Erick is the most buttoned up employee at Simple Media. With a passion for digital strategy and brand management, Erick is the perfect person to guide clients through a marketing campaign.