3 Tips For Your Summer Social Plan

3 Tips For Your Summer Social Plan

How to Keep Up in the Summer Heat

Summer is here. Consumers are straying from their desktops and are primarily using their mobile phones as they travel and stay outdoors. Your audience’s attention span may shorten as the days get longer and it’s important to keep up. But how can your marketing get noticed?

1. Everyone Is Outside

Whether it means vacationing or staycationing, consumers are looking for things to do and places to go – especially with the use of their mobile phones. Promote new summer products and happenings – whether it be an upcoming holiday (uh hello – National Ice Cream Month is July!) or your summer special fruity flavored smoothies. Don’t be afraid to join the summer fun and highlight your happy hour and ways to beat the heat not only with social media, but with your storefront too. Gain the attention of each passersby with eye-catching windows or sidewalk signs.

Bonus Tip: Ensure that your website ranks high in organic search, leaving digital breadcrumbs for searching tourists to find you first!

2. It’s Photo Season

One word: Instagram. Summer vacation and photos go hand-in-hand and over 80% of the Instagram community follows a business. Consider a photo competition with your own hashtag to engage your followers and quickly increase word of mouth promotions.  Upload your own creative photo and video content (or feature your followers’ posts!) to capture your mobile audience’s attention and invite them to engage in conversation.

3. Build Your Brand

If you have downtime during this season, fine-tune your marketing approach. Define and build your brand and make sure your social media and website reflect it. Once you choose your branding, stay consistent to help your followers get to know you. This will promote customer loyalty and can dictate the way that a potential customer sees you.

Summer fun provides you with brilliant opportunities to grow your brand and increase your customer base. How will you take advantage of this season?

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